Costly Errors

15 March 2011 09:04
Both Jason Pearce and Shwan Jalal hold their hands up after errors cost the Cherries on Saturday. As the after match inquest continued, Jason Pearce held his hands up to his part in the equalising goal on Saturday, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I have to learn from that and should have just kicked it out. It is disappointing but something you have got to learn from. I have been delighted with my form this season but it was a little mistake. Mistakes happen and you have to learn from them and move on. It did not cost us the game, but it cost us a goal. If that hadn’t happened, you never know what might have happened. But it is all ifs and buts and you can’t live life on ifs and buts". Shwan Jalal, for his blunder, was quoted as saying: "We went 1-0 up and then, for their first goal, I have to look at myself and put up my hands for that. It was a basic error on my behalf and I can only apologise. I’m not going to lie, I was really angry with myself. It was a case of thinking about what I was going to do once I caught the ball, rather than just finishing off the save. It was a routine catch for me but one of those where I was thinking I was going to get up and set up an attack, which is one of my strengths. But I should have finished off the save before thinking what I was going to do. I said sorry to the boys about it, they were great, and we just move on". Defending his players, Lee Bradbury is quoted as saying: "Pearcey and Shwan have been different class for us all season so we can’t really have too much of a moan about them. They have both kept us in games on numerous occasions in the past".