Cooper Leaves Dean Court

10 July 2012 05:40
Shaun Cooper has effectively departed AFC Bournemouth having opted not to sign a new contract to remain at Dean Court.

Initially it was beintg reported by manager Paul Groves that Shaun Cooper had failed to turn up for pre-season training, with the Cherries boss being quoted as saying that: "Shaun hasn't turned up and Shaun is out of contract. At this moment in time we haven't come to an agreement and I think that's proving to be difficult. Everybody is different and everybody takes their own view of things as an individual and a player. Shaun needs to feel that the deal offered is right for him and at this moment in time that is not the case".

Meanwhile, Shaun Cooper is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I spoke to Paul for 20 or 25 minutes on Sunday night and explained my reasons for not accepting the offer, so he knew I was not going to sign. For him to come out and say that I failed to show for training was surprising and disappointing. I explained to Paul that I felt the one-year offer wasn’t good enough, but the club wasn’t prepared to budge so I turned it down. He knew full well that I wouldn’t be in on Monday as I am no longer an AFC Bournemouth player".