Club Keen To Keep Pugh

26 May 2012 03:00
AFC Bournemouth are keen to keep hold of Marc Pugh given the on going contract negotiations.

Club Chairman, Eddie Mitchell, is keen to keep hold of the services of Marc Pugh, hoping that contract delay isn't going to hasten an exit a year before his current contract comes to an end.

Mitchell is quoted in Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We would like to keep him and have got to be realistic regarding the time remaining on his contract. If nobody comes in for him, maybe he will sign a longer contract with us. If he doesn’t sign, he doesn’t sign. He is contracted to us and, like any other player, has to go out and earn his money. If he wants to get to a better standard, he has got to put himself in the shop window and keep playing like he did this season, which I am sure he will. He is a good character and, maybe by Christmas, he will see it is realistic for us to get into the Championship and will decide to sign then. There are various permutations. He is a good player and someone we would desperately like to keep".