Chiedozie - Living The Dream

22 July 2013 11:18
At the start of Sunday, Jordan Chiedozie didn't imagine that he'd be facing the might of Real Madrid by the end of the day.

Twenty four hours earlier, Chiedozie was lining up to face Woking in a Development squad pre-season match, but on Sunday evening, the youngster was about to come on against some of the most talented players in world football.

Speaking on the Clubs Official Web Site, Chiedozie is quoted as saying: "It was just a normal day. I was having some food with some of the other development squad players and the next thing I know I got a phone call from Stephen Purches. He said: “You’re in the squad”. The other lads didn’t believe it and neither did I at first. When I saw that Purchy was calling me, one of the other lads was joking, saying you will be in the squad and I was. It was a bit of a rush to get to the stadium and it didn’t really sink in until I saw the Real Madrid players in the tunnel. Obviously, I wanted to be involved but I wasn’t sure that I would be. Just to be on the bench was a great experience, so it was really good to get on. Kaka was on the pitch when I came on and he was one of the best players in world at one point, and you can’t even get near their young players. It was just unbelievable".

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Source: Cherries MAD


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