Cherries Will Succeed

01 June 2013 05:16
Cherries midfielder, Shaun MacDonald is confident that AFC Bournemouth will cut it in the Championship.

With the new season just over 8 weeks away, Shaun MacDonald has gone on record to speak about the Cherries chances next season.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo, MacDonald is quoted as saying: "Everything around the club suited the way I wanted to play my football. I remember looking around the place and meeting the lads and everything just felt right. It is hard to explain because until you actually go and have a look around on the first day, it is weird. You have to get a feel for things and, instantly, I thought this club could go places. It was the right decision to move away from my hometown club, as much as I love Swansea. I still look out for their results and they still have a special place in my heart, but I got to a stage in my career I knew I had to leave and go and play games and take the next step. I don’t think any other club suited me the way it did the first day I came here. I look back and have no regrets. We got promoted, we have a special manager and a special team and it has worked out well. I feel that coming to Bournemouth was the best decision of my career so far".

Source: Cherries MAD