Cherries: Wiggins overcomes double blow to return

14 January 2011 07:00
RHOYS Wiggins could return to the Cherries side tonight after overcoming a dog bite and freak eye infection suffered in separate training ground mishaps.

The cultured left-back was forced to sit out last weekend's 3-0 victory over Plymouth Argyle but is ready, if selected, to play in the televised League One clash at Colchester United (Sky Sports 3, 7.45pm ko).

He was unable to face Argyle due to a problem with his sight, which came hot on the heels of getting bitten by a small dog during a training session at Canford School.

Wiggins explained: I was running over to training and they (the dogs) were running towards me.

I carried on running and didn't think anything of it because they were only little dogs.

But one of them jumped up and bit me on the leg! It was like a little scratch, nothing major, but just to make sure I went for a tetanus injection.

But that wasn't the problem. On Thursday, it was pouring down with rain. I think one of the lads had a shot and a big lump of mud just hit me on the side of the face.

I got home after training and my vision was blurry. I got a bit of grit or a stone in there.

It got worse towards the end of the night but I still went to sleep. When I woke up, my eye was red raw. I'd been irritating it and, where I'd been rubbing my eye, I'd scratched all the surface.

On Friday morning, I went to Accident & Emergency. That was where they told me I had scratched the surface and I got transferred to the eye clinic.

I've been on antibiotics since to clear it up and now it's fine.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo