Cherries star Feeney: The boo boys aren't helping

18 January 2010 07:00
TERRACE favourite Liam Feeney has pleaded with the Dean Court boo boys: We need you behind us.[LNB] Feeney faced the music following Cherries' 2-1 defeat by Bury on Saturday, their second suc cessive home reverse of the year.[LNB] Goals from Stephen Dawson and David Worrall saw the Shakers claim a 2-0 half-time lead with Eddie Howe's troops booed off by some fans at the break.[LNB] Brett Pitman's injury-time effort proved a mere consolation for Cherries and there was further unrest among home supporters as the team left the pitch.[LNB] And clearly stung by the reaction of a minority of dissenters, the players ditched their customary post-match huddle following the final whistle.[LNB] The backlash was a new experience for Feeney, a star performer as Cherries have gone from relegation candidates to promotion contenders during his 12 months at the club.[LNB] Asked by the Daily Echo for his response to the boos, the 22-year-old, pictured, said: Although we hadn't played well in our past couple of home games, I thought we played as well as we have for a few weeks against Bury.[LNB] If you give people something to shout about then they will. But I've rarely seen anyone perform better once they've been booed. I think encouragement is a better way to try to get someone to play well.[LNB] Under the circumstances, I think we've done brilliantly to get to where we are and I know the majority of our fans agree. They give us their full support and we can hear them all around the ground.[LNB] I know it is only a minority but if you are getting booed and then you make a mistake or misplace a pass, it can make you nervy the next time you try to do something. We need people behind us when things aren't going our way.[LNB] Asked whether he felt the expectations of some supporters were too high, Feeney replied: No. Expectations are not higher than they should be because we know what we can achieve this season. We're a good team and we believe we are the best team in this league.[LNB] Our expectations are probably higher than those of the supporters but if they aren't being met then perhaps booing isn't the best way to put it right.[LNB] We are all grown men and have got to do it as a squad. If things aren't going right, we've got to put them right on the pitch and the fans can't do it for us. But a little bit of help wouldn't go amiss.[LNB]

Source: Bournemouth_Echo