Cherries: Mitchell targets attendances of 10,000

08 April 2011 07:00
CHAIRMAN Eddie Mitchell confirmed Cherries' finances were in good health and then revealed one of his aims for securing long-term prosperity lifting average attendances to 10,000.

The Dean Court chief believes that ambitious target is achievable after seeing gates rise throughout the current campaign.

Having opened the season with crowds of 5,949, 6,447 and 5,501, Cherries' home league average now stands at 7,024.

Mitchell feels that attracting more young spectators holds the key to the club's aim of boosting numbers through the turnstiles.

He wants it to be trendy for people to become Cherries supporters and says the club is planning various initiatives ahead of next season.

The Cherries chief told the Echo: If we could get an average gate of 10,000, it would stand us in such good stead for a push forward to the next league.

It would be fantastic. People might laugh at me and think we're never going to get that but our average attendance so far this season is around 7,000, so it is not that far off.

We have got to focus on the younger generation as well and promote the club and promote the facilities. I think it is do-able.

We have got to offer more for the youngsters to come in. We feel the future is with the younger people and that is where we are going to focus our efforts.

We are going to look at how we can promote various incentives to get the kids down to the ground.

We have got so much to offer at Dean Court on Saturdays, which will keep the youngsters out of the town centre, and we want to make it trendy to be a member of the club.

Asked for an update on the club's financial situation, Mitchell added: We owe very little money. The day-to-day expenditure and income compete with each other so we are level pegging and have money in the bank.

We are clearing up the backlog of rent very quickly now and will virtually be out of it within the next two or three months.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo