Cherries: Mitchell keen for Redknapp to join the ranks

21 October 2009 07:00
EDDIE Mitchell says he is planning for the long haul at the Dean Court helm and would welcome investment in the club – especially from his friend and neighbour Harry Redknapp. Chairman and majority shareholder Mitchell has also revealed fellow Sandbanks resident Redknapp was responsible for planting the seed for his involvement in the club. Mitchell was responding after the former Cherries boss and current Spurs manager told a national newspaper on Saturday he may “one day” return to the club to “help out”. “We’d love to see Harry on board when his time is up at Spurs,” said Mitchell in an interview with the Daily Echo last night. “He’s a legend at this club and we would love to have him around. “He’s local and although he's getting near retirement age, he’s not the sort of guy who’s going to sit on the beach and do nothing. I’m sure we could find him something to do here! “We would welcome him back and would love to get him involved in some capacity. He would be a big pull for the club and we wouldn’t want to turn that away.” Mitchell was keen to stress that any possible involvement with Redknapp would in no way compromise the positions of Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall, describing the current management team as the club’s “biggest asset”. He added: “I was out with Harry about a year ago and he sewed the seed for me to get involved with the club. “It had never really dawned on me that the opportunity might be there and I should try to take it up. He said something that stuck in my mind. I’d rather not reveal what was said but I’m glad he sewed the seed. “Some people advised me it might not be the best thing for my health. But I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time here and intend to carry that on.” Asked whether the club was actively seeking investment, Mitchell replied: “We’d be very foolish not to. I don’t intend to invest in the club to the degree where I would make my lifestyle vulnerable and have never proclaimed I would. Along with the money I put in initially, what I am investing is energy, enthusiasm and time. “If Harry, or anybody else for that matter, wanted to invest then the club would be there for their enjoyment as well as mine. “Someone has always got to be at the helm and, at the moment, that’s my job so I’m not going to give that task to somebody else just because they invest in the club. “I’m going to steer the ship with people on it and Harry could well be one of those people at a later date. The current board plans to be in control for a long time. We’re not hoping people are going to put in money so we can take it out. We’re here to make the club a success, both on and off the field.”

Source: Bournemouth_Echo

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