Cherries: Mitchell calling for end to pressure on league

13 October 2009 07:00
Cherries chairman Eddie Mitchell is urging supporters to finally draw a line under talk of the clubs ongoing transfer embargo.

Mitchells comments follow hot on the heels of the Football League blocking a second emergency loan signing together with vetoing the clubs bid to engage Steve Lovell.

Majority shareholder Mitchell confirmed the club was still at the highest level possible of embargo and admitted there was no clear picture of when it might be lifted.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, Mitchell added: As far as myself and the club are concerned, the embargo is on the back-burner. Its for us, as a club, to sort ourselves out. The more we keep pressurising and prodding the Football League, the harder it is going to get.

The previous history is complicating the club going forward. If you do the crime, youve got to do the time and its no good whingeing about it.

I am 100 per cent behind Eddie (Howe) and Jason (Tindall) and it wasnt them who committed the crime but they are the ones who are paying for it. It wasnt this board either and we are all suffering for what went on before. We are the ones who have got to do the time.

But we can spend the rest of the season whinging about it or we can forget it and try to get on with what weve got to do. I know whats best and, the more we whinge, the more it is going to defeat what were trying to do.

Mitchell also revealed the club had made a £7,000 operating profit last month possibly for the first time since Norman Haywards chairmanship in the early 1990s and sounded out a defiant message to supporters.

He said: We are going to grab this club by the throat and wring its neck until we come out the other side. This club wont fail, it will prosper. Weve just got to be patient and keep working hard with the resources weve got. We will get through it.

Weve got to address our circumstances and live within our means. We need to prove to the Football League that weve got full control of whats going on and we dont expose the club like its been exposed in the past.

This club has already been let off the hook twice in terms of going under. Other clubs struggled and paid their debts, while this one didnt. We cant expect them to just wipe clean the slate and say off you go again.

Points deductions were nothing compared with what the club tried to get away with over the past few years and weve got to take the punishment.

We are now working within our means. Month by month, we are eating into the debt and while this club is under my stewardship, I intend for it to make a profit every year.

Cherries league clash against Notts County, which was scheduled for Saturday, December 19, will now be played on Monday, December 21 (7.45 pm). The match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

Cherries reserves host Bristol City at Dean Court this afternoon (2pm) in the Football Combination.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo