Cherries: Garry's injury battle takes a back seat

19 April 2011 07:00
CLUB man Ryan Garry insists his main concern is with Cherries' on-field fortunes rather than his own frustrating predicament.

The key defender has been sidelined for five months with a nerve-related problem in his lower leg.

Garry has not given up hope of returning before the end of the season and is aiming to up his workload in the next fortnight.

But while determined to get back into action, he admits his primary focus is on Cherries' results as they push for promotion in League One.

Garry told the Echo: My main concern is what we do on the pitch. I'm sure all the other guys who are not involved would say the same thing.

As long as we get positive results, that is what counts at this stage of the season.

There are no selfish thoughts at this stage of the season because we are all in it together. Whether that is starting players, substitutes or players not even on the bench, you want what is best for the club.

Providing an injury update, Garry added: I went back into training about three weeks ago and had another flare-up, so it is just a case of settling down things again, which it is doing slowly. Then I will just build myself back up.

It is very frustrating because everyone is doing really well and it is hard to watch sometimes.

It is getting there, it is just a bit slow. We are doing everything we can and I'm sure it will be okay in the end.

It is very frustrating but you have got to stay positive. Good things are happening around the club so it is just a pleasure to be involved.

I'm doing a lot of gym work and I'm hoping to push on in the next two weeks.

Source: Bournemouth_Echo