Cherries Can Mix It Up

04 September 2010 03:23
Marvin Bartley speaks about the mix of flair and pace in the Cherries squad. With the Cherries making a confident start to the new season, surprising many in League One, Cherries midfielder Marvin Bartley insists that the Cherries can mix it up to surprise opponents. Bartley is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I think we’ve got a physical team and everyone is really mobile, which I think helps a lot. Some teams in League Two weren’t as mobile as us and I think some teams in League One aren’t as mobile as us. As long as we keep working hard for each other, I think we’ll do fine. I think we’ve got a great balance at the moment. Pugh and Feeney on the wings, on their day, will go past any full-backs, so it’s a real help when you can give them the ball and let them do their thing. We’ve got the physical boys, as well, who are able to mix it up. I think a few years back Bournemouth were renowned for a team that could get bullied and who you could roll over. But a lot’s changed since then and I think we can mix it with the best of them now. A few of the boys love a tackle – me being one – and we’re very physical now. We go to other teams now and roll them over, rather than the other way round".