Bradbury Will Tough It Out - Bond

18 March 2012 03:49
Former Cherries boss, Kevin Bond, believes that Lee Bradbury is capable to riding out the current storm rumbling around Dean Court.

Former Cherries boss, and player, Kevin Bond, believes that the current resident of the Cherries hot-seat will come through the dreadful run of results we're witnessing - 2 points out of the last 21 available.

The current number 2 at White Hart Lane, is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying about Bradders: "His strong character is definitely in his favour. He is a level-headed guy and never got too carried away when things were going well and never got too down when they weren’t. As a player, he experienced the good times and the hard times as well. Your first job in management is always difficult and he is just having a stutter and needs to get through it. You need to be strong in these situations. A collection of new players, even if you paid money for them, doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. It does, however, build up the expectation levels around the club. You want to steer clear of that and remain focused on the job you are doing, which can be easier said than done sometimes. But I wouldn’t see Bradders being distracted by reading what people are saying or what is going in the papers. He will be looking beyond that and concentrating on the job in hand. I am sure he will turn it around very quickly".


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