Bowles Has Potential - Groves

16 May 2012 08:36
In opting to keep ex-Dorchester Town man, Gary Bowles, manager Paul Groves speaks about this decision.

With others going, Gary Bowles, who has yet to make his Cherries first team debut, was kept my Groves, who was quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo on this decision as saying: "While we have been around, Gary has applied himself extremely well and he has worked very hard. On what we have seen, Gary has shown potential to be in and around it and to get another year".

On some of the other departures, Groves is also quoted as saying: "It was our first job this morning to speak to the individual players and give them the opportunity to come in and speak face to face. The majority of them took the option to do it on the phone so we duly spoke to them and made them aware of our decisions".