Bournemouth latest

24 September 2012 08:37
As ever in a bullish mood, Chairman Eddie Mitchell, has publically stated that no one is about to be sacked at Dean Court.

He said that Eddie Howe wasn't leaving, but left. He said that Matt Tubbs wasn't going anywhere, but agreed a loan deal, now we're heard that no one is being sacked from their position at Dean Court in a clear reference relating to the dismal performance at The County Ground in which Groves presided over a 4-0 drubbing which was the tip of the iceberg given the ineptitude of the Cherries performance.

Speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo Mitchell is quoted as saying on the current situation following a 90-minute discussion on Sunday: "I spent an hour-and-a-half with them and we know things aren’t working the way we wanted. We have got to find a way of changing to make things work. We have got to examine their roles and the way we are approaching everything to find a solution which will make things better for everybody. Instantly changing the manager would not automatically mean we would start winning games. We have no intention of sacking anybody. That is not what this club is going to be about while I am here. We have to treat everybody with the respect they deserve. While I have got hard working people at the club and while I believe things can improve then I don’t see that sacking somebody would result in a turnaround. Sometimes, it works well to change personnel and, sometimes, it doesn’t make any difference. There is good work being done at this club and I want that to continue. I have brought major investment into this club and want to look after that investment. We have got to find a way to change our approach because it is not working".