Baker looking to conclude deal

05 March 2009 06:00
Baker has confirmed he has been in lengthy talks with two interested parties, one believed to be from the Middle East and understood to be a consortium headed by former Cherries director Adam Murry.

Baker told the Bournemouth Daily Echo: "We've got two definite options on the table.

"Option A (the Middle East party) is everybody's preferred route but we realise it's more likely at the moment that we're going to have to go down the option B route, with looking at possibly bringing option A in at any given time. It's just taking a long time for it to happen.

"Like I said at the end of December, I've got no more funds to put into the football club and that situation hasn't changed. Either of these two options would sort out the situation so I will try to get this resolved."

Source: Team_Talk