Arter Eyeing Up Starting Place

28 May 2011 05:56
Midfielder Harry Arter is hoping to fill the boots vacated with the departure of Danny Hollands. Harry Arter is another candidate to fill the vacant midfield now that Danny Hollands has signed for Charlton Athletic. The 21-year-old is quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "I feel comfortable out wide or in the middle but I prefer playing in the centre. Sometimes, out wide, you don’t get the ball as much and can’t be involved as much. In the centre, you are always in the thick of things and it is up to you how much you want the ball. You can support the defence and the attackers, and I feel I am capable of doing both. I am quite attack-minded and people think I might not be great at the defensive duties. But when I played against Hartlepool and Yeovil, I felt I showed a different side to my game. That was one thing Bradders was pleased with me for. I showed a will to get forward and, equally, I showed a will to get back. When you play in the centre, especially in a two-man central midfield, that is something you have to do and something I cannot neglect. I have played in central midfield quite a lot. A lot of managers have preferred me to play in the hole or in a three, but I have played in a two before and I feel comfortable doing it. It is down to me to prove I am capable of doing it".