AFCB Need To Get Back To Basics

22 September 2012 05:31
With the indifferent start to the season continuing, Tommy Elphick is calling for his first team colleagues to get back to basics.

With the expensively assembled squad still failing to perform, new signing Tommy Elphick is calling for his colleagues to get back to basics, being quoted in the Bournemouth Evening Echo as saying: "We have got to try to win every game, not just our home games. We have missed a lot of opportunities where we should have come away with more than we have. The lads are really frustrated but we all want the same goal. The supporters were superb against Brentford and were really behind us. We all appreciated that and it made for a good atmosphere. We started the game well and felt like our season was going to kick off but we took another sideways step. We are still unbeaten at home so have to take that as a positive. It will come and is just a case of being patient. I am not a great believer in luck but can’t help but say we have been a bit unlucky. I don’t think we are giving away too many goalscoring chances and think we have been fairly solid. The chances are nothing chances, like the penalty against Hartlepool and the first goal against Brentford. Their second goal was a great strike. We have got to try to get back to basics in terms of our defending and keep clean sheets. If we can do that, I am sure we will win a lot of games".