A War Of Words

04 February 2013 08:52
Following the digusting 'tackle' which saw Tommy Elphick subsitituted and Ryan Lowe red carded, a war of words has broken out between the two Clubs.

Just when the dust needs to settle on the unsavory incident at the weekend, a war of words has broken out between the AFC Bournemouth and Franchise FC which saw Tommy Elphick substituted and Ryan Lowe sent off.

The Franchised manager, speaking in the Bournemouth Evening Echo is quoted as saying: "I was disappointed with their players and the way they conducted themselves for large parts of the game. Elphick grabbed Ryan Lowe’s legs and grabbed him by the throat and didn’t get anything done to him. I heard one or two things that were said to Ryan Lowe as well as he was walking off. Just conduct yourself with a little bit more class".

One never to shy away, is Harry Arter, who was quoted as saying: "They were having a little bit of a spat before that. He said a few things to a few of our players that we weren’t happy with and we were disappointed that another fellow professional would say the stuff he was saying. But he then took it even further to do a silly tackle like that".

With Simon Francis joining in by saying: "I was furious because I knew he had been doing it beforehand. He had gone in late on Tom a couple of times and they had a tussle. I could see that tackle coming if I’m honest and there was no need for it. Whenever someone dives into a tackle like that with two feet, if anything it is a coward’s tackle".

Source: Cherries MAD