The fall of the Greek giants, AEK Athens

20 May 2013 10:06

AEK Athens FC, one of the biggest and most historic clubs in Greece has officially been relegated. After 89 years in the Greek first division the club will not be competing in the top tier of Greek football (the Greek Super League) for the first time since its founding.

An eventful season for AEK with numerous disappointing results has brought the club down to the 15th position of the league table with only 27 points (originally 30, but three points were deducted since the club’s fans invaded the pitch and didn’t let a match finish).

A fundamental factor for AEK’s current situation, as all would agree, is its increasing debt and the various effects that has. After all, it was for this reason that the current administration of the club decided not to accept a position in the Football League (second national division) but in the Football League 2 (third division), so that the club could be led into dissolution and liquidation of its assets.

The big question, however, is what led such a big club to relegation? Some say it’s the incapability or misconduct of the numerous administrations that have managed the club over the past 20 years, some say it’s the shareholders’ indifference, some blame referees’ tendency to disfavor or wrong the club, or even the increasing hooliganism incidents in Greek football.

Regardless the reason, AEK Athens FC, the winner of 11 Championships, 14 Greek Cups, two Super Cups and one League Cup, has been relegated. The ‘Queen’ has fallen.


Source: DSG