Coleman shirty over player antics

24 July 2009 01:54
Former players Robbie Williams, Jay Harris and David Mannix were all deemed to have committed a "blatant breach of the rules" with regards to betting on the result of a Stanley game and were all given fines and bans for their actions. Although Accrington subsequently released all of the players involved, further disrepute was brought upon the club after Ian Dunbavin and Bobby Grant pleaded guilty to charges of affray on Tuesday after an incident in December. However, Coleman told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I'm just trying to get on with my job. "What's happened with Bobby Grant and Ian Dunbavin, and the others (banned for betting), is totally separate from the club and should be treated as such but, unfortunately, some people don't want to do that." On the betting foursome, Coleman added: "That has nothing to do with us because those players are not Accrington Stanley players any more."

Source: Team_Talk

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