Neigh Pies At Aberdeen Tonight

26 February 2013 01:27
The cart horses and donkeys may not just be on the pitch at Pittodrie, as AFC has announced it has withdrawn the sale of meat products for tonight's match.

The move follows a decision by the club's catering firm Sodexo to withdraw beef products "for which they do not have evidence of DNA testing".

Last week the catering giant removed meat products when some tested positive for horse DNA.

A statement on Aberdeen's website RedWeb said: "Aberdeen Football Club will not be offering any meat products within Pittodrie Stadium during this evening's SPL match against Ross County.

"Sodexo, AFC's catering partner, took the decision to withdraw all frozen and processed beef products for which they do not have evidence of DNA testing.

"Only when they have this assurance will they allow new products into their business as an assurance of their and the Club's commitment to food safety, traceability and quality."

Additional supplies of macaroni and chicken pies have been ordered for tonight's match. The whereabouts of Stephen Hughes is currently unknown.

Source: Aberdeen Mad