Desperate Brown Blames Forwards

10 March 2013 04:34
Under-fire Dons manager Craig Brown has slammed strikers Niall McGinn and Scott Vernon after another goalless game.

Brown insists the only problem facing the Dons is the lack of a goalscorer at the club - and he has targeted the summer transfer window to find forwards.

But his comments seem wide of the mark, as McGinn has hit 17 goals this term while Vernon struck 30 times in the previous two seasons.

And many fans have cited Brown's cautious tactics and the continued reliance on one-paced pair Gavin Rae and Stephen Hughes in the centre of midfield as the reason for the Dons' lack of penetration.

Brown said: "The players know it, we know it and the fans know it – we need a goalscorer.

"When you know what your problem is, it’s so much easier to find a remedy. Our remedy can’t come until the summer when the transfer window reopens – but we’ll have to find a goalscorer.

"We’ve had so many games like this where the only thing missing was a goal. At least six of our goalless draws could have been wins and we could be in an entirely different position in the league."

Source: Aberdeen Mad