Conner Accuses Aberdeen's Old Hands

16 May 2012 03:41
Former Don Bobby Conner has laid the blame for the club's poor performances at the door of the experienced players in the squad.

The Dons finished in ninth place for the third consecutive year, due in part to some dire defensive performances. Tricky winger Connor played over 200 games in an eight-year spell for the Dons, and still looks out for the results of the Pittodrie side. He has been an amazed onlooker as his old club have been stuck at the wrong end of the league, something Connor can't get his head around. He said: "It's quite puzzling to see how they struggle season after season. It's a wee bit perplexing, I don't know why that is. "Knowing the club as I know them, they should be third or fourth in the league every season, or at least on a regular basis, but why they're not I don't know. It's a mystery." He continued: "They always had a good youth system at Aberdeen. They would produce players in wee groups as youth systems tend to do - produce wee batches of players every five or six years. "But, I think it's been more a case of the more experienced players that they're bringing in have been letting the club down, or maybe players have been there for too long. All I know is that the structure, foundation of the club, the fan base and everything within the city - they're the only club there - they should be doing a lot better." Connor was part of the Dons double cup winning side of 1989-90, was capped for Scotland, and had spells at Ayr United, Dundee,  Kilmarnock, Queen of the South and a brief period at Partick Thistle before going back to Ayr United as manager , but these days the football boots have been swapped for golf clubs. “I don't do anything in football, I just try to enjoy myself now,” said Connor. “I run a wee business with my brother in law which keeps me busy, and I've got a wee granddaughter to look after at the weekends. I play golf – the handicap is six at the minute but I'm hoping it'll be below five this season, that's my target.  "I still go up [to Aberdeen] now and again, not that often, but I still keep in touch with a lot of people up there, some of the ex-players. “Willie Miller’s obviously still at the club, and so is Jim Leighton, so anytime I'm up there I usually bump into them. I'm friendly with John Hewitt, Brian Irvine, big Alex McLeish as well - I was a neighbour of his when I was up there - so I keep in touch with a lot of folk from Aberdeen.” Connor though was back in the dugout at Somerset Park on Sunday at an Ayr United benefit match, which also saw the likes of Ryan Stevenson and Neil Duffy turn out as well as fans who had paid for the privilege. “It's a good cause, raising money for the club,” said Connor. “The club is struggling so every penny counts. “We basically told them to go out and enjoy themselves, especially the guys that are paying to play here. “As an ex player myself I know how enjoyable it is to come back and play at the ground you used to play at, so all the lads were looking forward to it as well.”