Aberdeen FC Says No To Newco

22 June 2012 09:22
Aberdeen plan to vote against a Rangers 'newco' being admitted to the Scottish Premier League, bringing the number of clubs in opposition to three.

BBC Scotland's Jim Spence tweeted this morning: "Aberdeen will vote NO to Newco in the SPL. They Join Hearts and Dundee Utd who said yesterday they would vote no."

Spence is referring to Hearts releasing a press release yesterday, which stated: "[Rangers] Supporters deserve a new beginning and have to accept the fact that their club has to start from the lower league, keeping order in the SPL and without creating unfair competition with other clubs."

And later on that evening, Dundee United also stated their decision to vote no: "The board of directors of Dundee United are unequivocal in the belief that a form of sporting punishment must form part of the reasoning behind any decision made and, therefore, cannot vote the newco into the SPL.

"General sporting integrity and, more importantly, the integrity of Scottish football must also play a significant part in the decision making process.

"It is our belief that any form of sporting punishment must be unambiguous in the message it displays.

"The board of directors will act in the best interest of Dundee United and our supporters and Scottish football on this matter."

More to follow.