Aberdeen FC Fans Group Statement

05 July 2012 01:52
Dons Supporters Together issued the following statement today with regards to yesterday's SPL vote.

"The SPL vote to reject the transfer of 'the club formerly known as Rangers' share to a Newco in the SPL is a watershed moment  for Scottish football  and DST, on behalf of all Dons fans, would again record our appreciation of the principled, and correct, stance taken by AFC and other SPL clubs at the meeting.

"DST does recognise that some fans may still exercise their personal choice not to attend games depending on the further decisions as to what league, if any, Newco will play in next season, but DST's position is that we MUST now do all we can to support AFC in their time of need, to ensure a positive future that is in our own hands and we can evidence to the prophets of doom, including sections of the ex-Rangers support, that their forecasts of "financial Armageddon" are complete and utter nonsense.

"Our future is likely to be a difficult one for a period and we encourage all AFC supporters to do whatever they can to assist the club through these times. We also expect the club to further raise their game to work together with supporters to maximise home attendances and to seek to bring in as much new investment as possible to the club to help secure the future.

"With regard to the recent statement from the Heads of the SFA and the SPL we find them inappropriate and unbecoming of their positions as they are essentially scaremongering tactics, without any publicly evidenced substance, for reasons that do not appear to be for the benefit of Scottish football in its entirety. If the circumstances suggested are correct then it is incumbent upon the respective bodies to source replacement income quickly but, to understand this better, we would wish to see each sponsor, and the TV companies in particular, publicly state their position such that we can then work with AFC to take appropriate steps.

"DST would also encourage all supporters to make their position to Sky that if Sky do attempt to renege on their current deal with Scottish Football, on the back of Rangers’ demise, then Sky Sports subscriptions would be cancelled.  If this position were taken by a majority of non-Rangers supporters, DST feel that the net effect on Sky would outweigh any contemplated revenue reductions.  DST are looking at mechanisms to collate any such protest."

Reminder: Dons Supporters Together will be working with AFC to do all we can to make the Ross County game on 11th August a sell-out, as this is a great signal that it is a “New Don” for AFC and everyone connected to the club. In his recent media interviews George Yule, our new Executive vice-chairman, described the forthcoming period as an opportunity for AFC, being the "Don of a New Era" and DST fully supports this point of view.

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